Dr. Knit interview E17 Art Trail 2010


Dr. Knit interview E17 Art Trail 2009




Here are just some of the things people have said about Dr. Knit and the Knitting Laboratory…

Very nice to meet you Dr. Knit. Have been looking forward to this show for weeks and loved it. Laura

Love them, especially the stories! Kathy

Baby Evan loves the Bunnies. Francis

Dear Dr. Knit. I love them all! Chris

Love it! Can’t wait to get online and read the stories. Elizabeth

I love the stories, so imaginative and very intriguing. I look forward to more of your creatures.  Harriet

Very cute, loved the stories which made the toys extra special. Kim and Cara

Very artistic and very cool. You are very good at knitting. My favourite is the owl. Gracie

Fabulous fun and completely inspired! Amy

Really unique. Vernon

This is a truly magical place. I loved the stories. Helen

Delightful! Enchanting! Unique! Thank you. Tony

Dear Dr. Knit, this exhibition confirms Einstein’s theory that imagination is superior to knowledge. Well done. Loved it. Howard

You’ve created an amazing world. Huge congratulations. Victoria

Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Please can all the creatures come and live with us! Linda

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