I am a Spanish artist, designer and writer, living in London.

I have always believed that inside all of us there is a child-like side which is ultimately more truthful, honest and open. I also believe that this is a part of us we don’t often allow or let out once we reach adulthood.

It is through the creatures I create and the stories behind them that I invite the viewer to relax and let their child-like imagination take hold, as well as to provoke emotional or psychological identifications with aspects of the creatures themselves. In terms of well-being, this can be beneficial in helping the individual to connect to feelings or states they may have lost contact with.

The materials and methods I use in the work also help to evoke positive internal reference points. Like medicine, or a kind of therapy, the act of knitting, stitching, crochet, illustration and writing take me back to memories of being at home with my mother and my family, and all the feelings of warmth, comfort and security I associate with those early years.

Being Spanish, cultural traditions and the domestic context have had a major influence on my work, particularly in terms of methods and materials. I am from a large family where my mother, like most mother’s, provided a central focus in the context of home. Throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s (it was in the early 1960’s that I was born) mothers, apart from domestic jobs, would learn and undertake, as well as teach and pass on, craft disciplines such as knitting, sewing, crochet, as well as using accessible and found objects from the domestic environment to create new from old. Re-cycling was already well underway long before it became the societal norm it is now.

In hand-making the objects and creatures, I can always guarantee a different feeling or mood will get translated through the mistakes and imperfections inherent in the work, depending upon my current state of being at the time of creating the piece.

The toys and creatures become art through their individuality and their capacity to provoke a shared-experience in the audience; people are invited to feel something through the project which cannot be bought in a shop. Emotions may be provoked through the characters, as well as personal identifications that hold the potential to open an inner exploration with the self.

Arturo Azcona
London, 2011

Arturo Azcona aged 7
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